Reply To: UK/foreign reg cars on CDS


Just a follow-up re. the MOT’s and having to return to the UK to get it.

In the past, the government’s stance was if you are taking your car abroad for several months and your MOT is due to expire while you are away, you must obtain a new MOT before you go, even though it will be pre the due date, to ensure you are covered while away.

Having just obtained my new MOT (23/11), there is now a clause written on it saying:
To preserve the anniversary of the expiry date the earliest you can present your vehicle for test is 24/10/2009
i.e. maximum, one month before.

In other words, now if I wanted to take the car abroad for example in September 2009 for three months, I am not allowed to obtain an MOT before I go and it will run out before I’m back.

Are there possibly any more ways this Government can come up with to ensure they are totally buggering up people’s lives and ‘driving’ them (‘scuse pun) totally insane?????

My contribution today on the ‘time for some humour’ thread is totally heartfelt.