🙁 thanks for the tip 4749anjoe Maybe it is just me but I cannot seem to get it right at the moment I am waiting for my paperwork to be returned from a solicitor in Alicante. I picked that area as I thought it would be out of reach of Polaris I searched for ones with good reputations etc, the solicitor emailed me 3 times a day saying I had a very good case and it was worth going to court. I said ok go ahead sent all my contracts. Then hardly heard from them again only to say my court case was now weakened because I refused to sign for the other apartment. So he is now sending the paperwork back with a invoice which he will not give me a price for on the email. So I do not know how much I am going to be charged for them doing nothing. I can see why people just give up. It is just so difficult to fight when everyone is only after your money and do not care about your feelings. Good luck with your case I hope it all works out. I sound bitter in my story but it is all the money I had and it has been snatched away so easily. I would not have heard about this company if they had not ben allowed to advertise on Uk Tv. I assumed I would be taken care of by such a big company. If you order something from a catalouge and when it arrives and you do not like it you can send it back but here you have no choice they expect you to keep it. All the best but anyone who reads this please DO NOT take a risk by buying from this company. If you have already bought I hope everything works out for you in the future.