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You posted

“A better question would be: who prepared those nasty corrupt REA to cheat and con some many people? Did they attend psychology classes?”

Lost a little on that one. 😕
However to clarify
Who owed the companies that employed the agents to con their own countrymen who trusted them.
Who are the ones that were paid the highest commision as they sold the crap to family and friends.
The very ones that plunged their own into negative equity that due to location will almost never be any different.
Who were the ones in the Spanish pubs at the end of the day bragging how they set up old people to re-morgage their homes and use their pensions on a bum development that may not even be built.

Yep the very ones that lead them to the corrupt developers solictors who could be trusted not to comply with the law
Dont ask questions as the deal would go belly up so no fat commisions and no brown paper bag for the lawyer

In case your having problems I think you will find that almost all were from the good ole U.K 😯

Some then have the nerve to say its all Spains fault 👿
They then call the country un-civilised and corrupt what a bloody cheek. 😈

Yes there are problems that need sorting but lets not forget who got so many in the crap in the first place.

Sooner some get off the U.K is perfect and its the Spanish that conned us on their own the better.

Then perhaps some of the Spanish Courts will then start ruling in our favour instead of what they see as ignorant Brits who were investors who were out to make money.End Of 😯
The courts simply dont care about us and I wonder why. 😯

Just Frank 8)

Stick around if you really want to know how it all works
Who are the liars cheats,scumbags .