Reply To: Bank Guarantee problem? Are you involved in one?


I’ve deleted/edited my first 2 posts of Friday 21st, as they have clearly been completely misunderstood.

Just one hour after Roots had initially posted about her Petition I offered my support, & of course continue to wish her all the best with it – most of all justice.

Why anyone would think I have some kind of ulterior motive in my comments about Roots’ Petition is truly beyond me, & gut-wrenching to be honest. No, this is NOT a competition. Any more pms/emails to this effect will go straight into the garbage bin where they belong, & not be answered.

One thing I would add: my view is that ‘Anonymous’ signatures are useless. Have the courage to put your name to your voice. And if you’re a couple sign Roots’ Petition twice. Of the hundreds of people on the SPSP Petition I’d say 99.9% of them are in the middle of court cases, & are proud to give their names & show they will not hide behind any cloak of anonymity – why should they.