Reply To: Spanish Negative Equity – The Easy Way


Claire 🙂
You posted
In answer tp Fuengi

“I think anyone with half a brain realises that Fuengi! “

Then why all of the arguments ! because as has been said we all agree on the basics and perhaps making arguments that really perhaps are not needed on minor issues which are now getting blown out of proportion.
I for one totally agree with You,Katy and Goodstich44 in relation to the corruption as always have as well you know.
Now the whole of Spain cant be anymore accountable for the corruption any more than the whole Britain can be accused of helping the problem along the way.
Putting labels on whole Countries is clearly not the way forward and hopefully you will agree
Both are extremes and there it should end.
So why cant we just agree that we have all made the points and move on.

Kind Regards
Just Dan