Reply To: Bullyboy tactics from Grupo Trampolin


Hi Garyco,

Im a little confused as to what’s happening here. I know Grupo Tramolin have had some problems with licenses etc.

Can you clarify if a community has officially been formed? Normally the builder forms the community using an administrator of their choosing (I wonder why) who would then call the first meeting, vote for president, charges for the year etc etc. At this point builders that have unsold properties can use those votes how they want. But if your community isnt formed it cant actually have a president.

I dont think approaching the water or electric companies direct will help. In general they are not allowed to supply anyone nowdays without a habitation license.

It’s worrying that some have signed escrituras without a habitation license. Those that have should never have done this. If any of them used a solicitor I think they should be contacting the solicitor and getting them involved to get the habitation license situation resolved ASAP. This could be a far greater problem than not having water and electric. Can you elaborate how this has happened?

Try and give more information. There is loads of help on here.

Best wishes