Reply To: Spanish Negative Equity – The Easy Way


Hi Claire
😀 Perhaps dare not post is O.T.T(realised someone would have a dig after I posted but didnt want to alter postings) 😉
The simple fact is that people should be made to feel welcome to post and they are not.
This attitude that somehow we are not supposed to not to know right from wrong is somewhat pathetic and something the forums can do without.
It causes 90% of threads ending in the take it outside thread consuming time for the editor when he and members who give their time freely are better motivated to perhaps develop the forum for problems now facing property in Spain today.
In case some have not noticed this is not 2002 anymore most of the bogeymen have gone and its clean up time.
These naming of forum posters into sectors that are somehow supposed to form the good groups against evil is something from a nativity play and a do you want to be in my gang playgroup senario.
If someone were to have noticed the forum 6 years ago and visted it
today they would be forgiven if they considered it remained in some sort of time warp with the same ole totally wasted efforts which dont do anyone any good.
The problem is that you dont notice just how farcical it looks until you step outside of the forum and look in.
I look at when you and I and our moments and cringe when reviewing the past,thankfully I left school and try to put my efforts to better use and think you know that now 😉
Some previous valued posters are not interested in playing these silly games and clearly are looking for a balanced :shock:(theres that name again)forum.
They leave with their valued contribitions and then its ask why 😯
Of course members dont agree with each others views at times and the pure nature of forums or meetings are bound to result in heated debate and theres nothing wrong and in fact it can be fun/healthy as long as it dosent get to personal.
Sometimes it means a wined up but what the hell its only a forum and some need to put it in perspective and get a life.
A personal P/M this week putting my education and other factors to question are thankfully countered by a few lovely ones but it does show how personal it can get.
Thankfully my parentage has been questioned more than once before and happens of you the type to stick yer head above the wall so its water off a ducks back.
Combined knowledge within the forum could be so beneficial to many with problems and indeed people looking to purchase property or move to Spain.

Well theres yet another rant from Just Frank that will fall on deaf ears and no doupt the forum will continue for yet another series of replays which is so so sad when there is so much to play for being the defence of the dreadful reality at times to the mess man has created of late.

Just Frank 8)