Reply To: Spanish Negative Equity – The Easy Way


Hi Claire 🙂
NOOOoooo. Thats not the case. 😥
I deleted something regarding me and my situation which was not relevent and answered another point to Goodsitch 44.
Read it again and if posting as you call it is agressive and if thats pointing out facts that some members need to hear then I am O.K with that.
Why on earth this whoes side someone is supposed to be on ie the goodies or the baddies is like school playground and its about time some just grow up.
Is that aggressive ?
Nah its why numerous people that view the forums, dont join in and why good and valued posters leave.
Its what many think and dont dare post.
Again its time someone said it as it is and again I am O.K with that.
Lets not you and I go over old ground as its the last thing the forum or the editor needs and your one of the last I would wish to upset:wink:

Just Frank 8)