Reply To: Considering buying costa del sol next year


Typing in “gazules del sol” into Google produces the Bahrain investment company which owns a chunk of the units and is now re-selling through the Kunz brothers.

However, this is Google in Spain. I’m not in Northern Ireland but if I was then the results may differ.

UBEDA – have I learnt a lesson?
Er, no. Was simply trying to stir things up a little in order to get Boothy to show his true colours so that if any of us ran into him we would know what type of “buyer” we were dealing with.
Nuff said? Would you like to stop sdodgson-bashing for now? When are you going to fess-up with your real name instead of being a coward hiding behind 5 initials?

Personally I think this particular Forum topic has been a fascinating insight into the mindset of particular contributors. Suspicion running rampant, slandering left right and centre, agent-bashing and on the flip-side there’s been information conveyance and feedback. A jolly good mix of what a Forum is supposed to be!