Reply To: Things can get much worse for Brits in Spain.


Our local health centre in Vera apparently (I haven’t had to use it but have been told) has a sign in English saying that English are very welcome to make use of the facilities, but you must bring an interpreter with you.

A friend’s children went to Spain when 7. They were put in a class of Spaniards (well, they are in Spain aren’t they) where they had to pick up the language, there was no dedicated teaching of Spanish for them. They were left crying in class for the first week as they couldn’t understand what was going on and no- one was able/ willing to talk to them. The parents paid for them to go to a private after school facility to learn the local dialect.

Compare that to Leeds where I live. Our local health centre has a board of leaflets translated into every language you can think of. There is also a sign that says if you can’t find a leaflet in your language, we will find you a translator.

When a foreigner comes to school on the UK, they are not dumped in a class to pick up the language. No, they are taken out and if necessary given 1/1 tuition.

I am a great believer that if you move to a foreign country you should integrate into society. Unfortunately there are commuities in the UK that don’t want to be British and form their own little groups where they all speak their own language and make no effort to learn the language.

Unfortunately, this is also true of the Brits in Spain. We all move to predominantly British Urbs and become lazy about learning the language, because most of the time everyone else speaks English! I think the case in point in the Brit who became Mayor by default but knows hardly any Spanish!

There are lessons to be learned Worldwide, especially with the mass scale of immigration around the globe. Unfortunately, you will find almost everyone expects to be able to live their life their own way and if they don’t want to integrate, they won’t. I think people should be given help to join in for a while and then if they refuse, they are left on their own. Just my personal thoughts.