Reply To: Things can get much worse for Brits in Spain.


If you read the original article properly, it is referring to the strain that the – usually older – Brits place on the health service, not least because of the language barrier

The British Government pays a sum to Spain for every pensioner registered here. If anyone uses the EHIC that is also billed to the UK.

the undeclared apartment rentals taking business away from hotels

The Spanish are the experts at this.

majority of resident Brits to demand interpreters at every turn because after 20 years here they still haven´t bothered to learn the language

There are no official paid interpreters. All the interpreting is carried out voluntary even at the Costa Del Sol Hospital. Despite the fact that the Hospital received 12 million euros last year for treating foreign nationals.

As Charlie pointed out immigrants to the UK arrive with no money and go straight on benefits. British arriving in Spain have to pay out immediately and there is no safety net if they fall on hard times. It was recenty reported in a Spanish newspaper that the British on the coast are far more generous at raising money for the Hospitals/childrens charities than the Spanish.