Reply To: Spanish Negative Equity – The Easy Way


I am one who has been conned, I do not consider myself to be stupid, however in UK solicitors have a perceived integrity and put the interests of the client to the fore.
Developers are regulated by the planning laws and building control to ensure they build as described in the place described and of the qua;ity required by law.
Purchasers do not expect that the town planners will issue any permissions which could be considered to be illegal. And we would be hard pushed to cite a case in UK.
But I do not blame the spanish man in the street, in fact i feel sorry for them as it is not those that caused these problems who are suffering from unemployment and a sharp fall in their income.
I love spain and admire the people of Spain.
When those responsible for these problems are removed from a position of power the tourists and homeseekers will return. This is in the hands of the people only they can force a change.