Reply To: Tracing the owner of a Spanish property


@katy wrote:

Whatever means the money is paid, part mortgage, part cash you will still have about 30,000 oncosts. That is what I was refering to. But just go ahead, why are you on here if you know F***ing everything

Hey keyboard warrior, zip it and keep your F words to yourself. What was your hobby prior to the advent of the internet, hate mail and unsolicitored phone calls perhaps? I have made very few posts on this forum and have been polite to members, including you, however I have still managed to flush out the forums resident banshee.

If you were refering to something different to the actual content of the OP and subsequent posts why didn’t you say so? I don’t know everything by a long chalk but I wager that my research puts me way ahead of someone who’s sole aim is to constantly air what little knowledge they have managed to accumulate. I should have known that I had encountered the forum’s resident bossy boots when you attempted to value something that you didn’t even know the location or format of.

Don’t bother trying to get more mileage out of this as I will ignore any further posts from you.