Reply To: Spanish Negative Equity – The Easy Way

Fuengi (Andrew)

@Claire wrote:

I hope i’ve shown that i don’t fall into the awful estates mold that we have all come to know and love.

Of course you have Fuengi! 😀 I put you down as a good guy a long time ago!

By the by, you said the person who signed the Purchase Contract was responsible for misdemeanours. That would be the Law firms we entrusted then! The very ones who said they were there solely to act in our,the clients , best interest! 😈

Agree Charlie. We too are avid (global) news followers.

Yes it was the bloody lawyers fault. you know that, i know that. But the buyer was not pressured (can’t be proven) into using the in-house lawyer. More than likely the lawyer will come up looking incompetent and not corrupt.
How many people allowed lawyers to sign private contracts on their behalf without having, prior to signature, viewed a offical translation of the documents??? No completion dates, no property specifications. Just generalisations.