Reply To: Tracing the owner of a Spanish property


@Fuengi wrote:

The agent has refused to put the offer forward to the seller, my offer is 22,000 more than the mortgage debt, but he won’t move. I know the full postal address of the property, is it possible to get the details of the seller from a register?

The agent in this case is fine, since returning home I have researched the development thoroughly and thrown him a few questions that I already knew the answers to, he came back with the truth every time. He has been given a bottom price by the owner who wants to recover some of his losses and pay the agents fees. He even told us without prompting that the complex had aparthotel status and that individual apartments could only be let out through the letting pool.

So the agent has been upfront about everything. Informed you of all possible issues. And for his honesty your going to go behind his back? Nice

No he didn’t inform me of all the possible issues because he didn’t know of them all, I found out myself. He has been very honest about the Aparthotel issue and it’s restrictions, he told me how much the owner paid for the property, what his costs were and how much his mortgage is. IMHO he should put my offer to his client in view of the unfinished ameneties issue. It is only 20,000 euros less than the asking price and is hardly insulting.

All that I am asking is that both the owner and the agent sharpen their pencils and at least give some consideration to an offer that is on the table. If they split the difference between them there is still 22,000 euros over the mortgage debt on offer, that will dissapear if the bank take reposession.

I don’t see why I should offer the full asking price just because the agent is a nice guy who refuses to put my offer forward. Sorry to be so long winded but how do you suggest that I get my offer to the owner?