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@Just Frank wrote:

Goodsitch posted.

“If our story was made in to a movie, people would probably say ”how far fetched, how could anyone be treated that way and not get justice in our fair land? “

Some may say buyer beware and making money on property involves a gamble the same as any other money making venture and in particular in someone elses country.

Just Frank 8)

The fact is and as Frank has highlighted and i’m sure in many ways as Goodstich has realised is buying offplan in Spain, in fact any foreign country is concerned is highly risky.

In these times, with the current climate, even more risky.

When massive (ish) sums of money are involved people will get greedy and rip you off, especially in ‘offplan buy a picture and look at the hole in the ground’ world.

To those who think it won’t happen or someone will protect you, go home put your money in a (safe) bank account watch tv for next umpeenth years and forget about buying property as its not for you.