Reply To: Prices going down even futher


@Just Frank wrote:

so you dont have actual opinions of you own then.?

I have lots of opinions of my own but I do not have time to talk too much about spanish property prices as they are not my main concern this month.

I have cash and I might spend them for a Spanish property in 2009-2010 if I find a suitable property. This property might be of the type that Katy describes, i.e. a very misfortunate situation for an unlucky person/couple who would be in dire need for cash.

If prices do not fall to my budget, I won’t buy, it is that simple.

Sorry, I forgot. The Pound is today at 1.18 Euros. If it stays this way or if it goes lower, I shall never buy property in Europe, I prefer to buy something in UK with the
junky Pounds.