Reply To: Tracing the owner of a Spanish property


@katy wrote:

I would forget it looking at all the cons the price is not low enough. I am not sure about the legal implications of it being an Aparthotel but if I own anything I would like to be in complete control of rentals. If you are in a “pool” which apartment gets the booking, how is it prioritised if there are many for rent?

As for uncompleted facilities…they never materialise unless they are completed before they start getting any money in.

Hi Katy,

The Aparthotel status doesn’t concern us as we wouldn’t wish to rent out. This system is common place in the US and most of the new apartments in Dubai are within Aparthotels.

It’s very hard to put a price on anything in Spain at the moment but I know that identical apartments have been sold for circa 360,000 euros so my offer of 255,000 is a condiderable saving.

If you let me have your email address I will send over some photos of the apartment and the complex, it is really stunning.