Reply To: Considering buying costa del sol next year


Errrrrrrrrrrr……..boothy, I think thou does protest too much.

You failed that ‘credibility test’ miserably. 🙂

You haven’t listened to/heeded/accepted/acknowledged one single offer of advice/suggestion since you started this thread.
This ‘know-it-all’ attitude definitely smacks of jack-the-lad agent, especially reading about your apparent inability to “co-ordinate viewings” properly. :roll:……which is why we did all the arranging of appts. ourselves – successfully.

Anyway, keep plugging away re. advocating the benefits of an ADH inspection trip, at least it gives some of the ADH staff the chance for a ‘jollie’.

And no, all eight properties/areas we wanted to view were not available with just one agent.
In one respect, it would have made it easier for us if they had been………errrrrrrrrr. 😆