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Fuengi (Andrew)

@goodstich44 wrote:


well done for pointing that out. If it stops one person being shafted, it’s more than worth the effort.

also, to add to your list, there is quite a large chance that your off-plan purchase will not match details in your contract, if indeed it turns out to be legal?. Any system with common sense would say ‘that’s a breach of contract, don’t complete’….not Spain though, you are very likely to end up with a long and costly court case, despite your case being black and white.

funnily enough this situation came up yesterday. Someone who bought an off-plan through another agency (one of the popular ones on this site). And the agency was kind enough to recommend their in-house lawyers to then. Anyway what bothered me, was that attached to the private contract there was some promotional information attached signed by the lawyer and the promoter. As if showing “this shows what you get” even though at the bottom of the information ins states that this information is based on the ‘pre-project’ subject to changes, etc…
IF you decide to buy an off-plan, have a updated copy of the DIA attached to the contract for both the development and the actual unit you are buying!