Reply To: Considering buying costa del sol next year


yes i could have arranged to do this differently but adh are offering properties that other agents have on their books too ? ek gazules del sol, el bosque de la mairena

are there prices different- errrrrrrrrrrr no same price on all the websites

will other agents push for a sale- errrrrrrrrrrr yes they have to live too

do i need a lawyer in both scenarios yes

what is the difficulty with adh- lying? why do you use a solicitor

inspection trips are a good turnkey method of viewing a sample albeit biased perhaps but im only seeing the stuff i want to

i went to lanzarote last year to buy and selected 3/4 and they all had the same props , cordinating the viewings was a nightmare and i ended up with 3/4 conflicting reports on the same property!

an agent is like a guide in my opinion, his views are ultimately personal but not relevant to me