Reply To: Considering buying costa del sol next year


Have to say I don’t trust any Agents. Not because I think they are all crooks, but large or small they are trying to sell something. Similar to when you go to buy a new kitchen or something, they tell porkies…but I expect that. Never trusted UK estate agents either. We have been fortunate to buy our last two properties privately, but have the advantage of being on the spot. The mistake many make is to treat the agents as their new best friend. When we have used Agents I find it wiser not to latch onto one, just tell them which you are interested in viewing and then move on to another.

When we have sold we have always used Viva and they were very professional. One of their Managers was one of the nicest Guys I have met here…but then I was on the other side of the fence 😉

What I do find appalling is the Agents who have listed, and knowingly sold illegal properties.