Reply To: Considering buying costa del sol next year




in my experience on this forum, (years) people ‘talking up’ developments or agents are often proved to be the ones who’s opinions need ‘taking with a pinch of salt’. They often have a motive, like being an agent of some sort, or desperate to sell, or just hurt pride not letting them accept the ugly truth.

most regulars on here who criticise certain developments or agents have i’ve found been right when i’ve researched further, desite often being labelled ‘doom mongers’ by some. Some of them have won their cases, or started petitions for people to share their horror stories. I think you make a mistake if you take these peoples opinions (often facts) with a pinch of salt.

the fact there is more negative than positive opinions is sadly a reflection on the sorry state of the Spanish property market i feel. There are obviously many people who are happy with their Spanish purchase, (some say the majority?), who don’t post because they have nothing to grumble about, but allowing that opinion to cloud the truth about how bad things can be is i feel making a big mistake.