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THOUSANDS of people got their fingers burned in Spain, myself included. 🙄 Charlie won her Court case and got all of her money back +interest + costs…as we did. None of this was done by sitting on our backsides. I can tell you for a fact, Charlie has probably done more research than all the members of this forum put together, when it comes to the corruption in Spain. I would even go so far as to say, with help from a family member, after several meetings and conversations with many people at Marbella Town Hall, she was probably instrumental (in a small way and from the consumers side 😉 )in the discovery of the scale of the corruption in Marbella Town Hall. You need to go back many pages, circa 2004/5 to see the extent of her research. Far more information was passed “behind the scenes “of SPI as many many people could vouch for.