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Oh goodness, trashing your own thread Mary. That’s a first. Still, it makes a change from you trashing other people’s I suppose, your usual modus operandi.

@Mary Hinge wrote:

I’m thinking of joining a turkey forum….

Look – if it rings your bell, you go for it.
You’ll probably find a bunch of other turkeys in there from Polaris World so you should feel quite at home.
Or were you trying to mean a Turkish forum?

Perhaps I’m a bit more cautious and wiser having already bought once into a corrupt Spanish development, and thereafter having to fight for many years to get my money returned from a bunch of liars. Nothing like a long court case to concentrate the mind on being more wary second time around. I’m also aware of the misery of many still caught up in the current mess of corruption, mostly through no fault of their own despite what some may say. Talking the market up or down – not really my thing and of no personal interest. But I will continue to voice any thoughts/observations I may have on SPI if that’s alright with you.
I didn’t realise that being a Polaris World owner made one such an authority on Spanish matters that it automatically gave the right to ridicule the quality of other members’ contributions.

Meanwhile, my armchair feels pretty good right now and I shall continue to sit in it until I feel the time is right to make a move.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a little while yet………..