Reply To: Considering buying costa del sol next year



You are a step ahead of me. I’m afraid I have not looked into the site in detail. I just happened to come across it at the time of replying. These are some Irish guys trying to find a niche in the market.


In answer to your point the way things are with banks at the moment there is only so far a developer can be squeezed and I know there are developers who are more than happy to deal directly. Your problem is you need to speak to them in Spansih and make sure as always you’re talking to the right person and not some intermediary or agent etc.


In terms of bargains let’s go back a few years and remember Lada cars. They were cheap but in the long term were they really bargains. People laughed at you at the time and 2/3 years later they had no re-sale or trade in value. Many developements at the moment fall into that category. I think Mark wrote some article recently along the lines of being careful with all these bargains out there at the moment etc

Also becareful if you come on a ADH inspection trip – they make it sound good strength in number etc. Take time to talk to other agents and see what the re-sale market has to offer. Location is really important especially if you intend renting etc. Don’t be rushed – don’t hand over a deposit – get yourself an independent solicitor (that means not the one ADH introduce you to!).