Reply To: I Need your Help


Shakeel – i don’t doubt your motives. However, i do think that you’ve got to give people a litte more credit – especially those considering moving from the USA to Europe. Not a minor relocation.

The qualities required to plan for, and ultimately embark on such a project, demonstrate to me that the indivual concered is a well prepared, postive thinking person and would have sufficent skills that would enable them to flourish in their lives and careers regardless of the location.

I do not need to remind you that many international companies are located in spain offering positions to non-spanish. Also, with the use of the internet people no longer need to be chained to a desk or work in an english speaking bar in order to gain employment.

Again, i’m not attempting to rile you – i just think that your post, whilst written with the best of intentions, was a little patronising.