Reply To: I Need your Help


Fuengi (Andrew)

If I had to guess.

the property itself has no views. They would have clearly shown a photo fro mteh terrace, etc.. with the view, so there is no mistake.

It does appear to be an urbanisation. Notice the photo of the roof terrace, the other houses and the rising roofs? if you at the top great, if not there are proably more houses behind.

easy access from the road to the pool area.

The only shot of hte inside is of the kitchen? Not normally a good sign when the don’t show the lounge, bedrooms, etc…

roof terrace again. Either the owner is a foreigner, shadow of satelite dish, or the neighbours look right over that terrace.

photo pf the stair case. again see house after house going up the hill? also appears there are alot of houses after that one on sale.

hope this helps