Reply To: An unexpected rise again in under-declaration??


“as to mr sddogsons research – well, wake up to the real world of selling real estate in Spain dear – there is almost always a cash element – so they tell me !!”

Yes I do accept this UBEDA, but not through my agency, thank you.

The post I made was relevant and a new topic because the lawyer had noticed a sharp decline in the amount of B money in transactions over the last 3 years in Marbella and Manilva and was shocked to see it rising again in Marbella (N.B. he hadn’t had any transactions in Manilva in over 6 months despite having over 200 in the preceeding 3 years. The unmentionable estate agency who’d been forwarding him the clients from certain unmentionable developments dumped him for being too independent – ha!).

The statistics gathering is an important piece of research to determine actual prices in Southern Spain, not government figures. I know sales involving B still go on, I’m simply trying to find out what percentage, on average, has it changed over the years and does it vary by region.

Please PM me with any hard facts of the “This year I sold a property in Malaga for 250k and received 25k in cash. Paid 180k for it in 2003 of which 50k was cash when purchased” variety. Thank you. This is going to be the only way to find out the truer picture.
p.s. I don’t work for Hacienda!!