Reply To: First stone of Villareal Golf Resort. Lorca (Murcia)



I agree Katy all computer images look the same to me as well most bearing little or no resemblance to the final outcome .
Over priced developments looking tacky and cheap even before they are finished and they, and what they call “golf courses”, are crammed in on otherwise barren areas.

Having, years ago, been a member of Betchworth GC I fail to understand why anyone even remotely interested in playing golf would want to play on courses that are little more than a large flat areas resembling pitch and putt with bunkers every hundred yards and miles and miles from other civilization.
A weeks golfing holiday 🙄 …IMHO a day would be too long in these areas let alone using a fraction of that time playing golf 😡

Where this golf course is proposed however is in an enormous expanse of very beautiful green hilly area. So more like the proper golf course one is used in UK and I understand, although as yet unconfirmed, that the owners are hoping to stage professional competitions there.

Having noted the very recent sympathetic refurbishments and new builds in the locale and now work has started on the possible new access to this development I am hopeful that with a price tag of 2.5 mil for individual houses the developers are intending on complimenting the properties and infrastructure ,natural or othewise, already in the area.
However I do think golfers in Spain will at last be treated to a proper and LEGAL golf course.

To those who don’t know this affluent part of Murcia, albeit the difference is like chalk and cheese to those who in live or prefer the CDS, irrespective of playing golf, spending a week in this area I can assure you wouldn’t be long enough.