Reply To: Anyone looking for a bargain in this market?



Totally agree with the last 3 postings.
Think that most however didnt buy to rent and just looked at the 15/20% growth and thought they would have some of that.
At the time it may have looked a good option as financial markets and pensions were showing big losses.
Funny how things turn out as markets and pensions did go up and is now at near the same as when many people entered the Spanish Property maket .
Many that kept there money save in Banks were not even spared.
Where do you put yer money now with markets in termoil,property falling and interest rates on the way down.
The problem now for Spain is they are in denial and heads in the sand.
Unless properties are legalised,tax breaks given and Banks start showing basic common sence then hell is on the way.
Getting back to the thread.
How long will it be before actual factual figures are going to come on the value of property in Spain.
The first stab was a joke and will Spain ever be trusted to post accurate figures even if they had them as we all now they can be very short in coming foward with the truth.

Just Frank 8)