Reply To: First stone of Villareal Golf Resort. Lorca (Murcia)



Purias is a stunningly beautiful area already and if the developement is built to the same standard and sensitivity as local properties, new and old, then I don’t see why people wouldn’t want buy into it although personally think it will be more Spanish vendors because, as you know, this small pocket of Spain is highly desirable to the very wealthy Spanish.

It maybe “in the hills” but still barely 15 minutes from Lorca and Aguilas the E15 and AP7 so everywhere easily accessible.

After all this time waiting for permissions at least everyone will know it will be totally legal.

Over the past month a great deal of earthworks, both sides of the dual -carriageway from Purias old road to well beyond the golf complex, have been happening . Also a new dam has been constructed at top of old Purias road.
Any ideas what all this is all about Peter?
Our presumption is it could be secondary roads for the golf course,