Reply To: Anyone looking for a bargain in this market?



I saw a property at El Valle (another polaris site) for E150K discounted from E235K (polaris discount not a resale), you could say CRASH CRASH, down 30%. I thought it was worthy of closer inspection.

However, a UK buyer given ER movements will only see a 15% fall. Not looking so good now.

Then on closer inspection (not on the sales particulars of course) this property was an (outside) ground corner, it was right next to a road, in fact 2 roads (corner) and i’m sure they had put a pedestrian crossing in front, very restricted golf views, it was second line with another block in front and of course no elevation as ground floor.

So your CRASH CRASH is effectively a 15% discount on a ground floor non golf/pool view property with cars passing both sides (of your balcony at say 10ft away) and a pedestrian crossing directly infront of your balcony and garden.

I though it was overpriced at E100K, I offered them E100K as I thought it would interesting to see a reaction, they (polaris) dismissed me out of hand.