Reply To: Anyone looking for a bargain in this market?



Now if we are talking about bargain property and exchange rates.
If you are from the U.K and bought at say 150 exchange rate then you could afford to drop the price considerable and still come out O.K.
If and If you get the price you want and the buyer is prepared to pay it then theres a result if you want to come home.
Still if your one thats going to wait for a massive Villa for 50,000 Euros(CASH) 😯 YEP 50 big ones in cash 🙄 then think there may be a long wait somehow.
Think it may be more prudent and informative if posters notes big falls on a development they may wish to follow it up with a reason if there is one.
Then we may get some clues as to just how bad the situation is.
I will start 😉
I have one property one the Costa del Sol that I am supposed to complete on at 207,000 Euros .
Worth possibly 150,000 .Reason .Its crap, full on dog s-it,dumped cars.poor finish,no legals some dreadful tenants.and about 25% of It missing.
Changed my mind 130,000 Euros at top and falling.
Even the exchange rate cant help on this one 🙁
Just Frank 8)