Reply To: Anyone looking for a bargain in this market?



Didnt say you were asking a question just agreed on your statement for once.

He may of asked and I answered so what s your problem. 🙂

Afraid I dont post to keep any particular person happy.
Whats wanted is someone saying that they bought some property that was supposed to be worth X and they bought it for Y so it was a 50% decline the property price.
Reality is that he probably bought off someone who paid silly money in the first place or is desperate to sell.
To have a bargain you have to have a value of something and at the moment there are to many variables because of a uncontrolled building boom with little reality to the value.
How can you have 2 similar developments in the same area of equal specification that were up to 100,000 Euros more expensive at the same time and how do you start saying where the so called bargain is
Is it 120,000 Euros over paid or is it 20,000 Euros for the one that paid the right price.
The object of asking and trying to gain information is where you go to gain that information from.
If your going out asking those that holiday once in a while in Spain and then becomes an expert and posts their expert advice which then in turn develops into an irresponible news articles then yep I have a problem with that.
I have a problem with that because there are thousands upon thousands of people looking for real tangible advice and at the moment the media is only proving to be happy if the world ends.

Just Frank 8)

Kingy Still Ice cool man real freezing to the nuts ice cool 8) 8) 8)