Reply To: Where is the next Investment


Hi Charlie 😆

I’m afraid I don’t find that encouraging at all Frank to be honest. It was all that investment in marketing (glossy brochures, fancy exhibition stands, full-page colourful ads. in posh mags-for-the-rich, impressive models of development in pride of place in the developers’ offices etc.) that sucked many into ‘investing’ in thin air/illegal builds in the first place.
The very point that concerns me as YEP I know just who this company are and its the Spain mark 2 all over again.
Anyone who has had the unfortunate history of dealings in Spain will take one look at the website will reflect just who good this lot are
and how easy they were taken in.

BEWARE. Should anyone be offered to exchange a non build in Spain should tke great care as consider its from the frying pan into the fire.

Just Frank 8)