Reply To: Where is the next Investment



The so called property market in “emerging markets” fell off a cliff a year ago and anyone who says otherwise is either working in these areas or extremely naive……… !!……….. the credit crunch and imploding world have now killed off any interest that might have been around .

FLosmichael reports

he Brazilian Real has lost 50% versus US dollar in the last 2 month and is going down. Natal property has doubled on paper in the last years due to Brits dreaming of selling to Brits, there is no market for resale property.[/quote


another reason to be wary of buying in emerging markets – the currency risk !! Natal is stone dead and any seller lucky enough to sell at original purchase price would have to swallow the currency loss as well. Flosmichael, if there is market for new property (acording to you) why do you then state there is no market for re sale property???????????