Reply To: Telefónica Scam?


A couple of weeks ago while I was out, OH took a phone call from Telefonica Sales. They asked him which other country he phoned. Instead of putting the phone down (as I would have done) he told them the UK and they offered him a Special Tarif for 9.95€ giving us 3 hours of free phone calls to the UK.

When I got home he told me about it and he wasn’t really sure whether he had accepted the deal or not – something about the person’s English not being easily understood.

I tried the Telefonica website and couldn’t find the tarifs. We didn’t know whether we had signed for it, whether it was a monthly or two monthly charge etc. etc.

We phoned Telefonica on the 1004 number and eventually spoke to an English speaker and told them we didn’t want this special tarif. After a few minutes they realised what we were talking about and said the deal would be removed. We hadn’t made any phone calls to the UK as we usually use Skype.

I haven’t seen the paper bill this month, but the total amount is about the same as it usually is.