Reply To: Polaris world dilemma


First of all, it is necessary to mention that until the First Licence of Occupation of your property is issued you don’t have to complete, I mean the developer can’t force to sign the deeds before the Notary if in that moment they don’t provide the FLO. In all the purchase agreements from PW you have that statement
As Katy said ‘If utilities are not connected then the property is not ready for completion’. Usually utilities are not connected because the lack of FLO.

Sue, do you have a Bank Guarantee for all the monies you paid, even the reservation fee ? I mean do you have the original ? Have you seen it ?

As everybody said before it depends on the wording of your purchase agreement but I’d say that PW is short off money now, so they can’t spend in legal fees hiring lawyers in order to oblige buyers to complete. If you are going to fight you have some chances, obviously you can’t use a recommended lawyer because these lawyers are lawyers from PW and they never cause any problem to the goose that lays the golden eggs