Reply To: More economic woes?


To be honest Katy, I feel the whole lot of our MP’s have lost the plot, whatever their party, when they voted themselves salary increases and that £23,000 receipt-free expense allowance while everyone else was told to tighten their belts. Every single MP who voted for that, in my book, marks them down as purely self-serving and nothing else.

The Daily Mail ( 😀 ) named and shamed them at the time. I just hope their local constituents took note and none of those MP’s get re-elected. I am reaching the point where I am in total despair of all politicians. The Tories were mainly brought down by sleaze (not the state of the country), but goodness Labour has certainly excelled in that department.

Is there any party with some ‘onest injuns or will power always eventually corrupt????? Proportional representation should be brought in and ‘government’ should be balanced by all MP’s voting on everything. They were elected by the people so should have a voice. At least this way, and knowing how each MP votes on what, we can make our voice heard when it comes to local/general elections.

I know, there must be a million reasons why this won’t work. 🙁