Reply To: More economic woes?




i think if Gordon Brown could pee streams of gold, he still wouldn’t be popular at the moment!

I feel the man in the street often doesn’t really know what’s really going on, and the best we can hope for is a sustained period of stable interest rates, low inflation, low unemployment etc.

The main reason Labour have been in for so long, is i think because compared to what went before, these three things looked pretty solid under Gordon Brown.

Things are obviously not looking good now, and what with the war and several unpopular moves by Labour, on top of the world economic situation, i guess he’s a dead duck, and probably any other Labour leader at the moment?

The sooner a change of government takes place, probably the better. It might just give the UK people a much needed boost of confidence, a new broom and all that….at least in the short term? As you say though, would anyone want to take the helm in the present climate?