Reply To: XL Leisure Group near collapse


To quote you Claire

How do these people who are stranded get access to this info that you presumably got sitting at your PC? Answer…they don’t…that’s the problem for most of them.

My comment not personal even by the most perverse standards.

blackberry wireless device you see, take note Claire

Get it 😉

Before I went away, Paul butted in and made unnecessary personal remarks to me.

I suggest you need to read the thread again Claire as i think you may be over egging the pudding ….. again

I think you accused someone of making silly comments, a comment i agreed with.

Your post was about it being to noisy in Spain because of all of the Spaniards. The post from another was “why go to Spain” Your response was you were too busy to reply to silly comments as you where packing for your holiday to Majorca. I happen to think that this was indeed “Irony as an art form” and very clever.

We also taked about the pools in Majorca being full of water while you where on holiday, which you said was personal.

Funny stuff we should write a book

And no I’m not leaving it.