Reply To: XL Leisure Group near collapse



The easy answer is I didn’t get conned.

But this is not about reason it’s about someone who has no idea who I am or what I’m like calling me “ignorant nasty piece of work” and an “idiot”.

So this is about name calling,not reason, and while I’ve been sat watching my kids play, taking them to swimming lessons, having lunch with grandma and now back home to play in the garden, i thought I’d join in (blackberry wireless device you see, take note Claire).

I agree it would be a useful thread (we did have these on this forum once) to discuss without blame or jealousy what every successful purchase did and how that might differ from those that got conned (most likely through no fault of their own.) Can’t see it myself as Goodstich would probally get the wind up and think we (I) were calling him an idiot and trying say he was to blame as he always does.

Anyway off to the garden my children await.