Reply To: Anecdotes from the Spanish property market downturn


Nobody has had anything to add so here is my personal experience of 2008 to date:

As a surveyor carrying out surveys on resales and snagging on new build, my workload was pretty much normal until June. Since then there has been a severe downturn in work across the board. 3 reputable estate agents (Cordoba, Cadiz & Granada), whose clients I deal with regularly, are all still trading but report hardly any sales this year.

With my own building project I am now noticing that when I place orders for materials, they are delivered within 24hrs, sometimes the same day. This was unheard of before now! Even the lorry driver who came to site yesterday was very concerned about the economic crisis in the construction industry.

I was talking to my carpinteria metalica (reja etc. maker) this evening and he reports a severe downturn in his work and also said that nearly all the albañiles (builders) in his town (Sevilla province) are now unemployed. He personally thinks that 2009 will be worse than 2008.

Oh joy!