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UBEDA: “re – Almeria – firstly, it is covered in plastic, and secondly has now been ruined by the most awful “plasticy” apartment complexes that have been thrown up in the last few years ………… on a recent trip to the beaches in cabo del gata (after suffering depression from passing so much plastic (agriculture and buildings) i was horrified to find these once unspoilt beaches each had at least a months worth of abandoned rubbish on them. It was impossible to sit amongst the rubbish so we soon found ourselves hurtling out of the area………. what a shame that a once superb area has been destroyed!!”.

Hope you don’t mind me continuing here, I don’t want another thread relegated to the ‘sin bin’.

Plastic Greenhouses in Almería?
Comment by Katy that’s in dispute: “Almería is covered in plastic”.
Reply by Hudson: Tripe, arrogant snob, thick, ignoramus etc.


“Almería is the world’s most intensive greenhouse culture, with hundreds of trucks every day taking produce directly to supermarkets in Germany, Scandinavia or Britain”.

“Every scrap of ground is covered with whitewashed plastic greenhouses that glisten like snow under the sun……..”

2) The Guardian:

“To grow food all year, Almería is cloaked in plastic”.

“From the lens of a passing satellite, Almería province is one of the most recognisable spots on the planet. The roofs of tens of thousands of closely packed plastic greenhouses form a blanket of mirrored light beaming into space”.

“The shimmering surface is down to an agricultural gold rush that has turned one of Spain’s poorest corners into Europe’s largest greenhouse”.

“Almería has made a fortune by covering itself with a canopy of transparent plastic”.

UBEDA – looks like UNESCO and the The Guardian agree with you……..and Katy.