Reply To: Protest March in Cantoria (Almería)



The Junta de Andalucía and the town halls of Zurgena, Albox, Cantoria, Arboleas, Partaloa, Albanchez and Lubrín have agreed to organise inspections to ensure that homes built in those towns are either fully legal, ‘legalizable’ (that wonderful new Andaluz word ‘alegal’) or totally beyond the pale – in a splendid example of shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.
Yes, it’s the latest step from the Junta’s gauleiter for Almería, Luís Caparros and his solutions ‘for the 5,000 illegal British owned homes’ (see although ‘the Junta must of course collaborate with the law and act on any judicial decision’.
The mayors of the abovementioned towns, together with some members of the AUAN (a British anti-urban abuse protest group from Albox) met with Caparros yesterday in his offices in Almería.
Homes which are ‘con problemas’ or are outside ‘consolidated urban nucleuses’ will not have a solution, said Caparros.
Readers are reminded that 24 British-owned homes in Cantoria (6 kms north of Albox) are under final demolition orders and that there will be a protest march there next Thursday (18th September) from 12.00 noon. The British ITV television has confirmed that they will be present at the demonstration.
A spokesman for the AUAN said afterwords ‘we looked into the hat, but found no rabbit there’.
In other news, sales of property in Almería to Northern Europeans are sharply down on last year.