Reply To: Hope for expats…


Please re-read the whole contents of the post and refrain from just picking out snips.
Individual cases have little chance of succeeding unless the courts and judges are made accountable if not its just a lottery
Pressure needs to come from within or if not it must be from intervention from others. Is that two hard for you to understand.
I wish you well with your case and as you are aware I have problems of my own but as my friend has found out being right and have a just case is not enough and its getting worse not better.
My case is strong also but reality is I could very well lose.
Now I felt that while you were away on holiday the forum started to return some sence of balance and the Take It Outside thread was made redundent and felt perhaps it was worth posting now and again
Goodstich44 . Anyone thats knows me on the forum knows that I NEVER POST JUST TO AGREE WITH OTHERS.
The day I ever agree with anything you post I hope that someone shoots me.
Back to the same ole repeat performance forum,just for a moment I thought it just may have been returning to the days when people were interested in it.


Just Frank 8)