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@Just Frank wrote:

Good luck to all in there own fight for justice just dont let us kid ourselves that we will make a difference.
That must come within or by powers as posted in my previous postings.

I have to disagree with you on this one Frank.
The likes of Roots and Suzanne (and many others I know who are not involved with the SPI forum) have been absolutely admirable in writing dozens of letters to various bodies in the UK, Spain and the EU. Their persistence is beginning to pay off, noticeably with this recent court case where the EU is finally taking Spain to court. Am positive without the pressure from people via letters/petitions etc. this would not be happening. If it was left to the Spanish to make any perceivable change to their corrupt way of behavious, nothing like this would be happening.
These people who have spent endless hours letter-writing/campaigning are only to be commended for their tenacity. Fruits of this ‘labour’ are now just beginning show in the form of this court case.
P.S. No matter how cheap the paint, it will always eventually dry. 😉