Reply To: Hope for expats…



yes, i shudder to think how long (if ever) it will be before justice is served on many people caught up in varoius Spanish property scams.

At least the wrong doing is being regognised though, which is more than could be said a year or two ago.

The people on here, who virtually say ‘it’s a waste of time fighting,’ are falling straight in to the hands of the bad laws and bad guys who have relied on this ‘lay down and die’ approach to further their crimes for far to long. Of course many will lose, but we still need to battle on.

Those who have won their cases, like Claire, Charlie, Suzanne, who were prepared to stand up and fight for justice are i believe, making a difference. Every case won against the bad guys/laws is a step (however slow) in the right direction.

So come on people, if you know you are in the right, and have a strong case, find yourself a good lawyer and hang in there. Cases are being won, and if Spain is ever to recover, it must know that change in justice and regulation has to be high on the list.