Reply To: 1 of 4 Spaniards want the Peseta to come back




How in Gods name we got to this in this thread I’ll never know.

Your argument is total rubbish in many ways, the place you are going to in Majorca is maintained 24/7. They don’t water the gardens and fill the pool just for you (“Quick Clarie’s coming fill the pool”). The article also talks of poor agricultural practices are you suggesting we stop buying Spanish onions and tomatoes until these Spanish people understand!!!

Come on get a grip.

It wasn’t long ago the UK had droughts each year (hose pipe bans etc down your neck of the woods.) It hasn’t stopped raining since in the UK. Even the article says “The past year has been one of meteorological extremes worldwide, and Spain has been no exception.” To make it clear the whole world is having extremes of weather last year and Spain has not escaped.

As I’ve alluded to earlier it’s hot here now but it rained (and i mean rained) November February and May here, and they are not short of water here, although they were three years ago when we had to stop watering the gardens in our development.

Enjoy your holiday Claire I hope the pools full 🙂